Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Comprehensive Inventory of Objections and Responses in the God Debate

When it comes to philosophical arguments, there's really not that much to it, because all views are based on a very small number of assumptions.

I'm now building a master inventory of all views, arguments, and objections that pertain to the God debate, including objections to arguments both for and against God, and all objections to all other philosophical views as well, especially the reductionisms, self-referring universals, and party remarks.

The bare essentials of everything from the Metatheoretic Frontiers lecture will also be integrated into this spreadsheet, beginning today.

This is the best quick-and-dirty way to compile the dialog components in a way that can be auto-processed for animated dialogs.

Also, anyone can comment. Anyone. That way, the integrity of my development is secure, and yet it's wide open for any and all comments and questions. I'll delete those comments only when I have what I think is an adequate response integrated into the document.

Here's the sheet:


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