Friday, November 9, 2018

Transcendent Mind in the Supervisory Necessity of Reason

You memorize the following two Questions Of Metatheoretic Magic below, and practice saying them until you can say them repeatedly 21 times naturally---and absolutely perfectly---without stumbling or mispronouncing a single syllable, and you'll have the most profound eureka moments. It's that simple.

Yes there's some science behind the 21. I call the questions magic because they do things on their own when a mind knows and understands them, and then all truth outs itself if the theoretic evidence is followed out wherever it leads and the questioner faces all the worst against it.

But don't practice them fast, either. The immediate rule for impatience is: do not imprint imperfections. Super slow perfection now is you're only goal other than indefinitely repeating until that complete memorized perfection is reached. only slow perfect practice can minimize the time to perfect performance. 

This degree of perfection will both keep the two magic questions in mind when encountering self-inclusive universal claims (you'll think of some at first only a while after hearing them, but you'll get much quicker at it, trust me) and also make them recurrent in consciousness which is a sure sign there is analysis going on, digesting previous imprints in relation to these two magic questions.

What about that statement itself?


How does that statement impact its own truth?

 . . . and then wait on the Holy Spirit.

And while you're waiting, read the first page of either the introduction, or if there's no introduction, the first chapter, of 100 single-author philosophy books. Keep track of titles in a  cloud list that you can access anywhere, so you don't repeat yourself. Plus you'll get a sense of not only the differences in quality but also you'll start getting a sense of the entire forest. Yes, just from those first pages. Be sure to, as Nietzsche said, use "the psychology that knows how to look around corners". Share with the world those first pages in a single pdf, because it will be unique to you and yet helpful to many others to whom maybe only your list appeals.

Or do the same for journal articles, reading only the single-paragraph abstracts. Before long you'll be able to interpret the prophecy that only such surveys can reveal---and only when you do them yourself.

Combine these things, and in about three weeks the skeletal structure of the new mindset should be detectable, and you can then counter a lot of anti-intellectualism.

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