Thursday, October 21, 2021

Declaration of Individual Independence

When in the course of my life it becomes necessary to dissolve the connections I have with particular groups, organizations and individuals, and to assume among the powers of the world a separate and sovereign position, respect for the opinions of others motivates me to explain why I am making this declaration.

No truths are self-evident, but must have their usefulness and veracity demonstrated. I am free from tyranny, though I frequently accept the limitations and restraints implied and exerted by other individuals.

I have no rights. And the universe owes me nothing.

I alone choose my obligations and purposes, whether through wisdom or folly, for gain or loss. I can run my own life and secure for myself those opportunities that will best enable me to live in desired harmony with others.

Whenever any entity becomes oppressive or destructive of these ends, I may ignore, counter, or abolish it, and live however I want to achieve my own personal satisfactions.

I do not consider it wise to change long-established relationships for light and transient reasons, but only after due consideration of alternatives and the various interests involved. But I resolve all such issues for myself. Experience shows that I often put up with obstacles to which I have become accustomed rather than correct myself and abolish them. But when a series of hindrances evinces a pronounced tendency to subject me to a life of forced behavior or belief, I will throw off such influences and accept sole responsibility for my own happiness and security.

I accept the consequences entailed by this declaration, including the challenge of self-examination, change, and countering possible resistance from those who may oppose me.

But the rewards of liberation are great, being the very fulfillment of my own nature, the improvement of my life and therefore my happiness as a whole. I accept these responsibilities independently, of my own resolve, and for my own enduring advantage.

I am a free, rational individual coexisting with other similar individuals. Consequently, various relationships, agreements, assumptions, models, and systems of belief are necessary for my harmonious growth among them. Yet these must be my own choice. If I decide to assist or cooperate with others for specific purposes and times, or choose to stand apart from all others in perpetuity, I am free to do so and I alone will make such choices.

My voluntary actions in pursuit of my own purposes in accordance with this declaration shall not be intended to in any way interfere with the beliefs, actions, or behaviors of those who remain separate from me. Furthermore, this declaration applies only to me, because I alone freely choose to accept it.

I have no allegiance to anything I have not chosen for myself. As a free, independent and sovereign individual I have full power to wage war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and anything else in the pursuit of my own self-chosen goals.

Therefore, I declare that I am a free and independent sovereign.