Thursday, January 28, 2021

Bonfire of the Collectivists

The elites' incompetence and corruption is worse than most can imagine, and is true of just about anyone above County Judge.

In all the bureaucracies and corporations everything is a shit-show of cartoon-like incompetence, the head of the organization (or grocery store department or flower club committee) is treated like a God, their adorers see everyone as a threat to their relationship with the boss, and on and on and on.

This why you want to--just once--briefly get near a fairly bigtime politician, at least say candidate for governor, before their speech or photo-op. Just observe them and those around them very closely.

If you don't come away from that experience deeply disturbed, you might want to go back to watching cartoons, or attend one of those closet-queen-led cognitive clown shows called "church" where they're busy running off 90% of their own children by their early 20s.