Sunday, June 21, 2020

Ivan Throne Redacted

Clown world is festered with weak and complacent churl dirt. Cattle ready for slaughter.

See the valleys of grave incompetence all around you. People, organizations, politics. They're all decaying. Lunacy has taken over. A high enough number of the incompetent in your area and the odds are quickly stacked against you.


You might not be interested in the incompetent.

But they're interested in you. They want to keep you weak and complacent and bring you down to their pit of utter decay.

The errors of the incompetent lead to fatal consequences. Staying in the ordinary world will lead to delusion, decay, and the death of your heart, mind, and body.

Live among weakness and stay weak. Nature doesn’t do pity. It calls for competence: the Engine of Survival.

Step Out of Clown World immediately, and go through the door into the dark world.

Equip yourself with the most dangerous tools of truth an individual can operate with.

Life is binary. Death is always one error away.

Stop sinking in the quicksand of weakness. To ensure survival, even in the darkest of times, you must drive crushing reality into the delusion bubbles that clown world has created. 

Unlock previously undiscovered and unused power within you. Unleash that power to advance your existence and climb the mountains of infinite possibility.  


Through an intense study curriculum, unlock the doors of truth in the dark world and the odds of your survival will be in your favor.

--Ivan Throne, author of The Nine Laws

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