Saturday, June 13, 2020

Mind-Like Inference Engine Discovered Running In All Minds

It can't be called a mere system of control statements forever.

Analysis of the issue of whether there is some kind of infinite, ultimate being that is a person or sentient object has not really progressed in its radically basic core issues concerning the nature, status, authority, and justification of the system of standards for that analysis itself, as well as all other self-referring universal statements, except among a few thomistic scholars.

Any being, entity, or object using these control statements as a single, universal, unquestionable integrated cognitive system, is necessarily an ultimate mind or person.

No being can be recognized as a person in the first place, without using that system of statements to dictate the mind's behavior in that process of analysis itself. Recognition means to re-cognize.

Even quantum theorizing already assumes logical authority over the quantum domain.

Once again, as always, self-reference and criteria win the day.

Ah, the pleasures of logically God-level standards of analysis.

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