Friday, June 12, 2020

Quine's 37th Unrevisable Revisability Relation

Quine: The logical laws or rules, according to which the re-evaluation of statements takes place, have the same value as all the other statements in one's network of beliefs.

Revisability Principle (Q): If some recalcitrant experience occurs which causes one to regard as true, or hold on to, some statement, and if that statement and some second statement are incompatible, then that second statement must be given up, revised, or considered false.

Me: But that exempts incompatibility itself from revision as an ongoing network rule along with that revisability principle itself, both of which contradict the claim that the belief network is universally revisable.

And revisability itself requires non-revisable relations and objects of the analysis itself.

So Quine can't even call it a network---as well as a theory.

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