Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How Do You Know That God Exists?

Well, you have to have some basis for that kind of extra belief on top of you're everyday ones.

But it turns out that that basis itself is already functioning as a God of your thinking.

So a functionally-equivalent-to-God system of analysis is necessarily assumed to analyze the question of the existence of God.

Argued denials of that basis demonstrate its necessity in using argued premises to somehow decide the truth or falsity of another claim, a conclusion, because of that same assumed basis of thinking.

That basis is general rationality, which is logic plus the practical rules of thinking that logic implies.

General rationality is a set of abstract objective universals combined with the irreducibly distinct basic concepts, including the concepts that make up those universals themselves.

And yet rational standards in all aspects of everyday  life are followed more closely than the sacred texts of any religion.

It's already the abstract universal Word of God about all logically possible candidates for the status of any more specific, say salvational/prophetic Word of God.

To think about this at all---is to have already assumed it.

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