Saturday, October 27, 2018

Reason, Logos, and the Image of God

The total number of ultimate necessary truths which are affirmed and assumed even in their denials, objections, and alternatives, make up the system we call mind.

Any justification or refutation, any process of deciding what is true and what is false, must proceed according to that system of necessary truths. Therefore, that system logically justifies everything including itself, and at every moment sustains our rational knowledge of the world because of it's enduring invariability and therefore reliability as an eternal ideality or standard of thought.

But only persons logically justify things.

Metatheoretic rationality is the ideal person without the limits of finitude. And it doesn't have to do anything to carry out all this universal justifying. Just being what it is does everything inertly, and automatically.

Because it is the ultimate criterion of all truth including questions about itself and its own reality, and because it logically determines the real, it necessarily indicates or implies the existentially real at every moment.

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