Monday, October 22, 2018

The Real Outline For Christian Apologetics

  • Comprehensive public inventory of the most basic assumptions of evidentialism.
  • Comprehensive inventory of relevant factors and values that justify preferences made, using the rules of general rationality or principles of thinking and deciding what is true. Examples are: survival, some sense of sanity, the value hierarchies in relation to purposes chosen, the nature and value of persons, criteria of historical analysis, and so on. Artificial intelligence programs will force this issue, thank God.
  • 2D/3D charting of arguments in organizational-chart formats with easily isolable lines of inference between the uniquely-numbered and sequenced statements.
  • Metatheoretically justify the set of necessary universals required to know anything about the past 5000 years or 5 minutes ago, identifying the universals that cannot be denied without assuming them in the process of that denial, in order to just think at all about anything historical. (John Warwick Montgomery's early books on history identify the self-reference issues in things like higher criticism historical skepticism, and so on, and refutes them.)
  • Number every statement, whether static (as added to the system) or dynamically according to inferential sequence.
  • Logically label each statement as either an Assumed Premise or Derived Conclusion (from previous statements, ultimately to an Assumed Premise.
This would outshine science in precision, and the contrasted absence of this kind of thing in science itself (and philosophy, for that matter) would become notorious virally.

Too bad christian apologists are dedicated to street stupidity and ignorant about what's so blatantly staring them in the face. They're afraid of exposure to their opposition's arguments and afraid to engage. Hence their Stepfords rhetorical patterns.

Game over. They lost.

You get 10 times the growth in knowledge and insight by reading opposition arguments. There is simply no substitute for this, and no way around it.

Sublimation is both the alcohol and the sugar of laziness itself.

Kick yourself in the ass right now, and read some heavy tome aloud. 5 minutes a day will change your life immediately. Increase it so gradually that it's almost imperceptible.

Wake your ass up! You don't get to repeat these moments!

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