Monday, October 22, 2018

Yet Another Swashbuckling at Feser's Place

Edward Feser is the Jimi Hendrix of Thomism.

Can't thank him enough for his blog as a catalyst for intellectual development in regard to just about all aspects of classical theism versus open-ended cross-examination.

So here is my comment from:

To question or analyze whether the will or the intellect is the determiner of our belief in voluntarism or intellectualism, assumes intellectualism.

Besides, if it really were a sheer function of will, then there's no such thing as having reasons for the belief. But hey, you couldn't be bothered with asking yourself which belief you're going to will today. Just will it, and let the intellectualists ask questions later.

And if it's all sheer willing, you couldn't even be aware of that fact itself---you could only will it, and then will your belief that you willed it.

The problem with voluntarism is that voluntarists argue for it, instead of simply urging people to just WILL it.

As Charles Manson and Nike would both say: "Just will it."

* * *

"It's ALL real, sonny boy! So watch out!"
--Town Drunk, Macon Georgia

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